Hindustan System, founded in 2002, is a global provider of Renewable Energy solutions. Its mission statement, "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow," | Charger your EV with E-Fuel Get Extra mileage |

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Hindustan System, founded in 2002, is a global provider of Renewable Energy solutions. Its mission statement, "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow," focuses on addressing key environmental issues such as global climate change. For keeping this in mind we have introduced one more segment with brand-named E-Fuel to provide Electrical Vehicle Charger solutions (AC/DC) with core competencies in power electronics and automation of customized product.

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Business Solutions

E-Fuel lays the foundations for a future of smarter, reliable, and
emission-free mobility, accessible by everyone, everywhere.
  • E-Mobility Consulting

    Strategic Advice
    Policies & Framework
    Build & Develop Business Model
    Design & Engineering
    Project Management (Supply, Installation & Handover)

  • EV Charging Infrastructure

    Setup EV Charging Station
    IOT based Charging Solution

  • Premium Reseller

    2, 3 & 4 Wheels Automobiles Charger
    Charger (Both AC up to 43KW & DC up to 360KW
    Electrical cables of various size
    Solar Panels, Solar Inverters, AC Junction Box, DC Junction Box, Electrical Protection Equipments

  • Service, Spares & Support

    We provide uninterrupted Service, availability of spare and support to all the products that will be sold using our platform through our OEM’s.

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Charging Solutions

E-fuel provides AC & DC charging solutions suiting to the need of customer.


With the exponential growth of the EV market share, EV charging will become a key investment for commercial property owners that want to attract EV drivers to their locations. Offering EV charging to their customers will allow commercial property owners to appeal a larger range of customers with higher purchasing capacity. These customers will have to spend more time on the commercial property as they are waiting for their vehicles to charge, thus increasing customer spending.

Retail / Hospitality

Due to a lack of private/ residential charging options, especially for city dwellers living in Multi-Unit-Dwellings, adding EV charging infrastructure will be very beneficial to property owners as they will have a constant, recurring customer base that will ensure a steady revenue flow for years to come.

Work Place / Multi-Unit Dwelling

According to industry experts, home charging will represent the lowest share in charging options for drivers. This is reflected by the decreasing share of new EV buyers that have access to home charging because more EV drivers will be living in shared multi-dwelling buildings with no or limited access to private parking.

Public / Commercial

As local, state, and federal governments are pushing for the adoption of EVs, residential charging becomes a key component to facilitating the e-mobility expansion. The need for an EV charging infrastructure in existing Multi-Unit-Dwellings is vast and will greatly benefit tenant acquisition and retention as well as serving as a key differentiator in the market.

Municipal / Government

As a fleet owner and operator there are many components that have to be taken into consideration when it comes to switching to an electric fleet, though the benefits far outweigh any disadvantages. Fleet operating costs will be drastically reduced helping to save substantial resources that can be allocated to other areas.

Light / Medium / Heavy Duty Fleet

Fleets will be able to reduce the costs of vehicle maintenance, optimize schedules and balance loads on their property to be able to take full advantage of all the savings that can be incurred by switching to electric. E-Fuel chargers can offer a vast range of models to be able to fit any fleet charging requirements.

Charge Point Operator / White Label

We work with large enterprises to provide custom whitelabel solutions. Some of our white label customers include Tata, Bharat Electronics Limited, IOCL, RV College, RGPN College, Telio EV.

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